My Reactions & Promises-Week 3 MKMMA


In reading The Scroll Marked I, one of my favorite passages is; “I (will)find myself reacting to all situations which confront me as I (was)am commanded in the scrolls to react”
As I read these lines daily, they fill me with thoughts of handling my own reactions to others. In obtaining new habits, I am reacting to others from a calm state of mind. Others are going to say things and do things not to my liking, and its up to me how I react.


My good reactions are going to be my promise to the World around me. I always keep my promises πŸ˜‰
It was so cute when my 5 year old grandaughter, Skarlit, said to me before driving off “pinky swear?” She made me promise to come back the next day and bring her and her little 3 year old sister, Violet, to the park. I smiled and gladly locked pinkies.


During my third week I’m feeling accomplished in keeping my promises, yet in writing my Definate Major Purpose in life has me torn.
Spent many years thinking about my parents and if they passed away then I could move. Then having three children, well I’ll move when they get out on thier own.
Now I have four Grandchildren, how do I move so far away?
I feel like Bill Baily in “It’s a Wonderfull Life”
and success is “a state of mind” and now my mind needs to think on this.


5 thoughts on “My Reactions & Promises-Week 3 MKMMA

  1. You are in a very similar boat as The Fab Davene. She knew her bliss was in Hawaii but did not want to leave her girls. You will hear the story on one of the webinars. Great Blog! I look forward to your next. Remember, I can be what I will to be!

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  2. Nice blog Yvette. I too am planted by family, quite happily I must admit. We did move away for a while, and it was good, but after a few years moved back to be closer to family. I wouldn’t trade the experience of holding my father’s hand while he breathed his last breath for anything. Had I lived farther away, being with him would not have been possible.

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