Giving and Receiving Week 4-MKMMA

It is in “Giving” that we “Receive”

My parents knew this and taught me this through thier beliefs.


My Mother said to me “give me flowers while I’m alive and can enjoy them” and that’s what I did for many years. Whether it be a small planted flower, a bouquet or an expensive planter full of flowers. She appreciated them and it made me feel happy to see her have those moments of joy.


My son Jimmy and I had a private money situation. He’d ask me for a few bucks, I’d help him out. Then at some point that day it would somehow, someway comeback threefold. We would talk about this on the phone or when I saw him we would laugh.

Coins from old hands in the young
Coins from old hands in the young

I’ve always felt that part of what I earn was to give away. Most of the time this was done without a word or thought of getting anything except the inner feeling that I helped someone in need.
The nicest compliment anyone has ever given me in my life was from my Sister Lisa (my little Lee Lee).
She said that I was the most Jesus-like person she knew.
I was like “Huh?” As she went on to explain all the different kind of friends I had, all the times I forgave those who hurt me etc.
When I can give of myself to those in need it is actually me who is receiving the most.


When someone says “I have no friends” I say “then be a friend”.
When someone says “I can’t find a job” I say “then go Volunteer”.


Well, this has been my favorite week so far.


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