The week started off with one of the girls at work asking “what is love?”  I listened to all the different answers from the girls at work, then I looked up the poem “Love is Kind” and showed it to her, she thought it was nice and had never seen it before.  Her assignment from her professor was to find out what love is.  Ironic?

So, as the week went on and I told myself that I loved me, I also went out into the World and said in my mind “I Love You” to everyone I saw, whether I knew them or not.  But a few encounters stand out more than the rest.

Many years ago I lost a job after 5 years of So much devotion and work and it completely devastated me.  Not only did I have a 3 month old son, but at nearly 50gs a year and only 25 years young, there was some debt.  My sales territory was given away and up until the other day I had a hard time even looking at that man, that man named David. He was still walking in the salon with my job and I had anger and resentment for 25 years.  I looked at him and at first didn’t even say hi.  3x he looked at me and still I acted as if there were a blind spot in his place.  He proceded into the Hair salon and I thought of leaving the area until He was gone.  But I thought about love & Og – Scroll II.  I got up  and I walked right over to him  and said hello  and even  thought  I love you  as I touched his shoulder.  He seemed happy  to see me  and we talked ,  I asked him how his son was, he was only 4 years old  the last I knew  and now he was a 29 year old man.  David apologized  for the company, I said  “everything happens for a reason  and I wouldn’t change a thing”.   I had a second son and my boys were worth millions; he smiled.   I even asked him about the two owners of the company and how they were doing, no anger came from my lips only love  and caring thoughts .     Before you know it  he was showing me pictures of his son and his grandson  and telling me how he had a new  wife and how there was also another  sales representative  in the area  etc .

I felt so happy and so relieved when we parted.  I’m blessed to have had the few years hanging out with him on the road and doing product knowledge classes.  All the good memories surfaced after he left that day.  Wow!  Thank You MKMMA.FB_IMG_1446896150078

The other occured when I stopped at a traffic light and said out loud “I Love You” to a homeless man looking for $ and he responded “I Love You too, God Bless You” it made me feel so good to hear that and I wondered how he felt about me.



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