post-7138-0-39705100-1437064014_thumbA great week of creating a positive future.

While spending the summer months in New England there were many mangoes to be had. Each morning I would listen to my Bob Marley CD and be thankful to be alive and well.

Little did I know that several months later I would be in the masterkey mastermind alliance and be asked to make a recording of my DMP and use a song that I liked as a background sound.  This was done with “enthusiasm” and listening over and over is my favorite time of the day.

The feelings of accomplishment for finshing my week out and being completely caught with my assignments, has more meaning to me at this present time than my future accomplishments.  Being a procrastinator, I’m liking my new blueprint, finishing what I start.

Poster board base colors and shapes
Poster board base colors and shapes

My Poster board is inspirational and I’m having fun adding to it.  Again, it’s been for everyone else for so long (like the first half of my life) it’s good to be doing this for “me” while still learning to love others unconditionally and the smile on my face is proof.  No more hiding, no more crying, out doing and loving it!






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