MKMMA-WEEK 11- Cacoon

While listening to our Webby this week I realized that the difficulties in life of week 11 might be attributed to the cocoon stage.  It’s almost like we are transitioning from the caterpillar to the butterfly.  I felt like my body was in motion, kinda like walking 🚶 on a freeway in a dream and everything was coming at me and I had to use all of my tools to defend myself.  Sometimes I said nothing at all, other times I actually yelled.  My patience was thin & my tolerance was -0

I thought what the heck is wrong with me, but dug in even deeper.

Then the good ol webby, for we missed that one week and then I was working late Sunday night and missed the beginning so I said to myself, “no prob, I’ll do it on Monday” seeing that I only had to work a four hour shift, but it  wasn’t there yet.

So, I waited until Tuesday and fell asleep, worked too late Wednesday, passed out on Thursday after a day off and out to the doctors with my Sister and then a Christmas dinner party in the evening.

Reality was, I  ended up really viewing on Friday morning.  There were my answers, my reality, everything twisted and turned and then it all made sense. Omg! 😲
You see sometimes after a long caterpillar stage we must go into our cocoon in order to break free and replace all the old bad habits with new good habits. The halfway mark is coming up in week 13, the butterfly stage will then be upon us in our MKMMA journey.

How does Mark J and the others do this?
MKMMA Is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
So grateful.

Believe!   This journey is Incredible!!!



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