MKMMA-WEEK 12 “Shattered Dreams”


While getting in the Holiday Spirit I came across Bing Crosby’s “Pocketful of Dreams” and then it hit me, the title for my week 12 of my MKMMA experience of a lifetime, Dreams or shall I say Shattered Dreams.

Sometimes we have dreams and instead of coming true, they fade away. In week 12 my past dreams were destroyed!
I’ll never be the same 😥 But I AM: WHOLE, PERFECT, STRONG, POWERFUL, LOVING, HARMONIOUS & HAPPY. Thanks to my stepping up and having the courage to apply myself and receive a scholarship for this Incredible Experience, I was able to pull through just fine. 😀

Sums up when we have dreams of a “Wedding” or “A Life Together” or a “Forever Someone” > Our plans can change suddenly & instead it all goes black and we are attending a funeral, even if figuratively speaking, for it may just be in our imagination as well as physically happening.

What do we go through when Our Dreams Crash?
1) Shock – is this really happening? Can it be true?

2) Anger – how could this happen to me?

3) Mourning – realization that in reality you’ve lost someone from your life.

I know now it is more important than ever to create more good habits to fill the space that is now void.

Hope everyone has had a Happy Holiday🎁 and please remember, it’s not so easy on others who are experiencing there first holiday sad and alone.
Be kind 🌞



9 thoughts on “MKMMA-WEEK 12 “Shattered Dreams”

  1. I know this is super hard. I have been there. You are not alone and I, along with others, are sending you so much love. Maybe an Emerson read will help? Or just knowing you have a great set of tools available to open you to all the love available.

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