“Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good”
From “The Sound of Music”

Watch “Something Good – The Sound of Music 1965” on YouTube

I’m feeling alive and well this week. Loving my Og reading that I am a Miracle! My parents who were “love” had me for a purpose.
Even though they both have passed away, I feel the connection and the past generations fill my soul.

No one that knows me would argue that I am different. But isn’t it the truth like Og Mandino writes in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” Scroll marked IV, our Uniqueness is to be accepted.
“I am rare, and there is value in rarity; therefore I am valuable.”

If only MKMMA Experience could take place when we graduate high school 😕 I needed these words of wisdom and guidance 30+ years ago. My self esteem was hammered down by so many since youth that I’m surprised I’ve made it thus far. And to be at the cusp of fulfilling my DMP within the next two years Blows my Mind.

I Believe!



  1. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood or adolescence or life!! Way to go Yvette – you are doing something good, but ultimately you are good – whole and perfect.

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  2. Yvette, I read the 14th week and never found the method to reply and decided to start clicking on any links so – here I am. Last week you mentioned the word Faith which rings a bell with me to. I believe if you have a ocean full of God’s faith and do nothing, You have nothing. We must DO some kind of works or Faith is dead. When I read your beautiful paragraph at the end I must add the words of wisdom you already had, What we are doing different is we are doing something over a long period of time and establishing a Habit. I to love to read other blogs because first I’m already Proud to be in such great company heading down the same river overflowing with power. Second It absolutely empowers me to see we all have some struggle, yet we persist, and we learn, and this week of focusing on the Kindness and the comment section. WOW just blows me away when I think we are all flowing down the same path, different people, same Spirit. All the Goals are the same. BE A BETTER PERSON in this world. However that is.

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  3. I really connect to the getting beat down. 😦 I also do not know how I made it this far. I now know wher I am going and why I am here. Thanks for sharing so openly. Mahalo

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