Reading Obituaries this past week. I’ve read them for most of my life. Now as an assignment and asking myself :

⏳”what would that person give to change places with me and have one more day?”⌛


I’ve always been interested in the “DASH”

I was born in 1965 – ?

We never know that last year?

Live your dash well. ⛔




15 thoughts on “MKMMA – WEEK 18 😇OBITUARIES😈

  1. Yvette, Now that was a obituary. The Dash brought back one of the most touching moments I’ve ever experienced at a Wake. My brother in law’s Dad Passed and we gathered in a place for all to sit and do what ever. This young man got up and needed help to speak. So his Mom & Dad stood beside him and held him firmly. When this young man began to speak about the “Dash” of the man in the coffin. He brought tears to us all. I was taking pictures of all the Family and a video of the event. He only spoke of the times he was with grandpa and the LOVE that was shared. He said the understanding of the tears was beyond him, because “This Love as is all Love is eternal and will never pass. I have Grandpa here and will always hold that Love dear” Even the tough were full of tears and after the process of placing the man in the ground. I’ll never forget what that man said. “I refuse to remember this day, only the Loving moments we shared”. That was over 20 years ago. I still hold that memory.

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  2. Yvette, I posted this on another Blog. I wanted to make sure you got it.

    Yvette, So many are making the shift, I have not been able to put it all together how many. Everywhere you look on the internet, they/we are talking, communicating in the same Spirit of Hope and Loving others with information to bring Awareness of the 100,000 dieing every month from the CURE of Chemo, radiation and surgery. On facebook alone, I read at least once a week “I’m dying from Chemo – is there another way???” and I respond and so do many others and my Happiness claws up the cliff another foot..

    As a Mastermind Idea I would love to bring the Cure/information to one single forum and guide them from there, so first they get some HOPE and solid direction before the sharks dive in and try to make money with them. I am working with the idea of consolidating my web site and blogging from there and adding a Health awareness tab to Start Awareness with a Pure spirit of Truth. So far My work is beyond normal and keeping an appointment with the Blog team has been hard. This week I’ve put 74 hours on the time card and that doesn’t include the 10 hours drive time, of which I’m listening to my MKMMA recordings.

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