Well, in my week 21 of Master Key Mastermind Alliance I kept looking at the word Cooperation from our “Franklin Make Over” list.
Why did I choose to put that one in the middle?
I’ve always tried to be a cooperative person but the way my life is right now, people are not so happy with me which makes me feel its because I’m not fitting in with the “norm” which is kinda like not cooperating.
I decided after losing both parents to Cancer, that I would change my eating habits drastically as to not fall into the same category as even two older siblings faced.  So, one of the things I did was give up eating meat. Wow, that wasn’t so hard for me actually. 
I never really liked it too much as a kid and as an adult just zooped it up with tons of spices, onions & peppers etc.
But going through this last week having nothing cooked and not going out with friends and family to eat or socialize, well I feel physically healthier but socially I need to figure a few things out.


6 thoughts on “MKMMA – WEEK 21 – COOPERATION

  1. I sincerely believe when you KNOW yourself, you’re a better giver, and for me that’s cooperation. I really admire your discipline. And I’ll use it for improving ME! Thanks for sharing, Yvette … now THAT’s cooperation!


  2. I fully understand. Often facing the same. People adjust after a while and you find alternative places to go to to enjoy food with them! Keep going. Great path


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