The Experience that we are all going through, even though we have been at the same webinars and done the same assignments, we all come out of the 25 week experience with something different.

MKMMA has helped me get through some challenging times in my life and I hold my head up and concentrate on my DMP.

I’m looking forward to June when I will see my sons and climb a mountain in Colorado with them. I will post a picture of us together, one on each side of me as I remember my poster that clearly shows “Automy” & “True Health” as the most important personal  pivotal needs.

Week 24 is upon us and there is a certain empty feeling when I think of our last webby.  I always looked forward to our Sunday evenings together and I have grown in many ways since last September.

I’ve learned to love more, trust more & most importantly to love and trust myself.  Believe that my intuitions are always the best way to move forward and grow in this ever changing world.







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